The dangers of malnutrition in the second trimester

Pregnant women in the second trimester should pay attention to a reasonable and balanced diet, otherwise it may cause malnutrition, which is harmful to the fetus and mother. Let's take a look at the hazards of malnutrition in the second trimester.

1. Malnutrition can cause anemia in pregnant women. Anemia in pregnant women is harmful. It often causes premature delivery and increases neonatal mortality. In severe cases, infants’ livers lack iron reserves and are prone to anemia. Pregnant women have low resistance to anemia and are prone to infection.

2. Maternal malnutrition will also affect the fetus’s intellectual development. During fetal brain development, if pregnant women’s malnutrition will delay the growth and development of fetal brain cells, excessively slow DNA synthesis, it will also affect brain cell proliferation and myelin formation. Maternal nutritional status may directly affect the maturation process of brain tissue and the development of intelligence in the next generation.

Use the doppler fetal monitor to view the heartbeat of the fetus in the abdomen, observe the fetus at all times, and pay attention to his growth.

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